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Update: 2 July 2014

Updates from restaurants across the world including Mirazur, Grenouillere, Made in China, 28 HuBin Road, Lake House, Quince Dining, just to name a few…. plenty more to come including three Michelin starred Bernard Loiseau etc.

Update: 13 May 2014

Been a while since I’ve updated my status here but I certainly have been posting my latest adventures including the amazing Sushi-ya in Singapore and the delicious Tippling Club who moved to their new premise.

Marque in Sydney and Stefano’s in Mildura were both generally disappointing and clearly living off their reputation from the past.

Some mixed news on San Pellegrino’s 2014 Award night which unfortunately I missed attending this year in London due to the clash with the honeymoon. Good to see Mauro Colagreco getting the recognition he fully deserves but not quite sure on Noma coming in at 1st place again.

Next review up will be Ten Minutes by Tractor in the Mornington Peninsula and Quince in Healesville. I’m also due to check out the recently opened Woodland House occupying Jacques Reymond’s old restaurant. Here’s to hoping they improved…

Update: 19 January 2014

Latest updates are now up including Alejandro Cancino’s Urbane (Brisbane), Jacques Reymond (Melbourne) prior to his closure & even a hotel review of the romantic caves of Matera in Italy.

Next up, Marque (Sydney), Tippling Club (Singapore) and Shinji by Kanesaka (Singapore).

Update: 29 December 2013

Next review on Provenance is up and I will be following up with a regional review of the High Country in Victoria. Next up on the restaurant review will be Alejandro Cancino’s Urbane Restaurant in Brisbane.

Update: 13 December 2013

My review on Sixpenny is finally up and next up will be Provenance. I also visited Tippling Club and Shnji by Kanesaka in Singapore in the first week of December and that will also be posted. Hopefully Christmas will be quiet to allow me to catch up on my writing!

Update: 8th November 2013

My latest experience at Attica is finally up and over the past month I’ve been flying around Australia checking out more fine dining establishments including Sixpenny, Urbane, Jacques Reymond and Provenance. Next up is Sixpenny!

Also I’m due to check out the collaboration dinner between Attica’s Ben Shewry and Coi’s Daniel Patterson next Monday.

Update: 15th September 2013

After a hiatus for a couple of months I am finally back. Apologies for the rather long delay due to some personal issues but I haven’t stopped fine dining. First review up is on Les Amis in Singapore. A very enjoyable meal that certainly redeemed my negative experience a couple of years ago with Iggy’s.

Also to come shortly are some updates on latest meals from Melbourne and Sydney at Attica, The Bridge Room and Sixpenny. I’ll also be checking out Provenance in Beechworth next weekend. Stay tuned!

Update: 15th July 2013

Finally made my move to Melbourne and currently catching up with a few restaurant reviews. Got plenty of time now so watch this space!

First up, a full review on my latest meal at Vue de Monde (in March admittedly), and my last fine dining meal in London at Hedone. Both superb for different reasons.

Update: 14th June 2013

Caught up for a quick lunch with Andy Hayler at the Clove Club and might I say what a great price for the quality of food you get. Coming in at similar price range to Dabbous, this place is far ahead in terms of the quality of produce, polished cooking skills and friendly service you get. I reckon this place will soon become impossible to get a table so I urge you to go here before that happens. It’s worth every single penny.

Update: 13th June 2013

I finally found it. A sushi-ya that actually serves top quality sushi. It’s called Sushi Tetsu and all I can say is good luck getting a reservation. But trust me, after the hardship in getting a place, you will be rewarded with some stunning sushi. Hope you enjoy my review. Gochisousama deshita!

Update: 7th June 2013

Watch out Iggy’s, for I’ve finally encountered a contender to the worst fine dining establishment.  The name is Les Cols and I think it’s my duty to warn fellow diners out there not to make the same mistake as I have.

Update: 5th June 2013

There are quite a few places which are worthy of mentioning on this website which I haven’t had the chance to do so yet. Therefore I decided to start with the restaurant of Mas Pou located in a tiny sleepy town of Palau Sator in the province of Girona, a couple of hours north of Barcelona. It’s not fine dining but authentic and honest Catalan cuisine. I’ve probably been here over thirty times over the past 15 years. As they say in Cataluña, bon profit!

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