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Update: 13th May 2013

A couple of weeks ago I managed to finally get myself to Whitstable to the Sportsman. I’d been waiting to try this place for a while and my god was it worth the trip. Seriously good food where the dishes were kept very simple. I was very impressed with the quality of the produce they source.

Update: 8th May 2013

Latest review on Attica is up now. It was great to see Ben Shewry going up the ranks in the San Pellegrino Award 2013. Fully deserved and I look forward to how his cuisine will evolve over the next few years. A young chef who promises greater things.

Update: 7th May 2013

Another couple of manic weeks as I move out of my property and whilst the writing has been slow, the dining hasn’t stopped and will definitely reviewed on the site shortly. Shortly to follow are reviews on Attica, Sportsman, Azurmendi, Die Schwarzwalstube and Vue de Monde in no particular order.

Update: 24th April 2013

An exciting day today as I finally got the chance to post up my latest reviews from a couple of memorable meals at the legendary Arzak and Bo innovation. Both impressive in their own way.

Update: 20th April 2013

My review on Amber in Hong Kong is up now! It was an unbelievable experience and I urge those who live there to at least go there once for Richard Ekkebus’ Tasting Menu. It’s worth every penny.

I’ve also posted up our latest escapade to the Macedon Ranges in search of an amazing Blanc de Blanc we discovered at Taxi on Fed Square. WHilst we couldn’t get a bottle, we did discover some other superb sparkling wines. I’m impressed with Australian sparklings!

Update: 17th April 2013

A little tied up with my wedding and a whole month has flown by with no updates so apologies to the readers! I’ve got a lot to put up including Arzak, Azurmendi, Amber, Bo Innovation, Vue de Monde, Attica and recent adventure to the Macedon Ranges’ Mt Williams Winery who make some superb sparkling wine in Victoria. Stay tuned!

Update: 12th March 2013

A bit of delay on the Arzak and Azurmendi write-up due to unforeseen circumstances. Off in two days to Australia via Hong Kong where I will be dining at a few superb places including Amber, followed by a meal at my most two favourite places in Australia (not just Melbourne – Vue de Monde and Attica).

Update: 2nd March 2013

Review on the tavern crawl in San Sebastian is finally up! It was an eye opener and I wish I had much more time to have tried the delicious pintxos. What’s more, it was a cheap night out compared to the fine dining we did on the same trip. Hope you enjoy it!

Update: 28th February 2013

I know I promised a review on the recent trip to San Sebastian but I had to share another recent experience at Asia’s Best Pastry Chef’s restaurant, 2am: Dessertbar. I was here with Fine Dining Explorer and we were both very impressed with the calibre of Janice Wong’s cooking. Alas, we could only savour a couple of dishes but we both vowed to be back soon… Make sure you make a reservation if you are heading down there because the queue was long!

Update: 26th February 2013

In a year where Michelin hardly awarded a third star globally, we knew there had to be something special with Eneko Atxa’s Azurmendi, near Bilbao. We decided to make the most since we were travelling far by visiting Arzak as well, but obviously we couldn’t stay in San Sebastian for two nights withouth sampling some of the local pintxos. A few updates to following shortly on these adventures starting with the Pintxo adventures.

Update: 19th February 2013

Every once in a while one comes across some amazing dishes which cannot do justice on the photo. Amaroz in the town of Tolosa is just one of those places; good honest rustic food with great ingredients and flavours.

Update: 17th February 2013

Review on Vila Joya is up. This was a great experience and opened my eyes to Portuguese fine dining in a truly beautiful place. The food was occasionally slightly over-seasoned but the flavours were amazing. I was also glad to have tried some delicious Portuguese wine I never knew existed.

Next review up will be a much more low key place but had some of the most amazing seafood in the Basque region; Restaurante Amaroz in Tolosa. Stay tuned.

Update: 14th February 2013

Almost two years ago I had the worst fine dining experience to date at Iggy’s in Singapore. I have finally got over the psychological trauma to share this review with you. You have been warned…

On a more positive note, my review on Vila Joya will be up very shortly. It was truly a piece of paradise on the Iberian peninsula.

Update: 11th February 2013

My review of L’Atelier de Joel Robuchon, London is up. Whilst the food was generally good on the whole, the service was inconsistent and the junior sommelier left a dent in the experience. Real shame as there were some moments of brilliance in the food.

Update: 5th February 2013

Latest review on Ristorante Bovio is up from the 2012 Alba White Truffle Festival. It was such an amazing place and truly showcased the best quality of the Alba white truffles. Bon Appétit!

Update: 3rd February 2013

My experience at La Pergola is now up on the website. A stunning room with a view over Rome, accompanied by some refined classic Italian cuisine. With 80% of the clientele being Italian, Chef Beck has certainly done superbly well to fight against the odds of being the only German chef with 3 Michelin stars in Rome. Hope you enjoy this review.

My review on the White Truffle tasting menu at Ristorante Bovio during our visit to the 2012 Alba White Truffle Festival will be up next…

Update: 2nd February 2013

The first post up is on my recent experience at Jonnie and Therese Boer’s De Librije, located just an hour away from Schiphol airport in a sleepy and historic city of Zwolle. My site isn’t quite there yet but I have now done some serious fine dining and De Librije has to be one of the best restaurants around. Hope you enjoy my first of many more posts to come as I endeavour to add my adventures steadily to the site…

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